Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes are Always Free

Our fitness classes are committed to providing a variety of services to help GreatLife members achieve their health and fitness goals. We offer individualized programs and group fitness activities that aim to improve overall physical fitness and the mind-body connection.

If you have never taken a Group Fitness class before, find one that interests you. The group setting allows you to meet others pursuing similar fitness goals. We offer a wide variety of classes for every fitness level. All classes are FREE to GreatLife members. The classes provided on the Group Fitness schedules are designed for participant drop-in, that means you can show up any time to get a great workout, with no previous skill required! While the majority of our fitness classes are designed to be multi-level, please read through the class description before selecting a class. Our experienced instructors will always offer modifications, so you can personalize your experience in any Group Fitness class.